Vangelis Vlahakis Guitar...and not only...


Vangelis Vlahakis

started to study music at an early age. Becides the guitar  I also studied theory and a bit of piano. Since the beginning of my music andventure, I took an interest in composition and since then I consider myself a lifelong student of music. I worked for many years as a guitar teacher and music copyist. My work is mostly for guitar, but also songs, electronic music and piano, orchestra and strings quartet. Unfortunately, due to a rare illness of the nerves, I have lost the use of my left hand on the guitar and so (although I tought my self to play using the left hand as right), for many years now, practicaly I can't play. So composing is my only mean to music. In 2004, I won the first price in a composition contest (Myriad music contest, for the violin & guitar piece called "Memories of a Tango) and since 2003 I keep a jewellery workshop in the area of Elounda, Crete (thats in Greece), with my wife Maria.